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Signage Fabrication

Did you know E.C. Boone Ltd. has one of the largest production facilities in Newfoundland? Our production facility is fully complete with state-of-the-art equipment that enables us to ensure the timely delivery of our quality products and services.

And to extend your corporate branding throughout Canada, we leverage our sister company, Day Nite Signs, and their two production facilities in Nova Scotia and Ontario to fulfil your brands reach.

  • Custom LED Channel Letters/Logos
  • Complete Exterior Sign Packages and Systems
  • Custom Pylon, Gateway, Monument Signs
  • L.E.D. Digital Display Systems
  • Complete Interior Sign Packages and Systems
  • L.E.D. Retrofits of Neon/Fluorescent Lit Signs
  • L.E.D. or Fluorescent Lit Fascia Signs
  • High-Quality Large format printing
  • LED Pole Lighting Systems
  • Perimeter Lighting
  • Banners, Pop-Up Displays, Trade Show Booths
  • Directory & Directional/Wayfinding Signs
  • Custom Window & Wall Graphics
  • Decals
  • Temporary Signage
  • Vehicle Graphics and Wraps
  • Signage Installation
  • Crane and Bucket Truck Services
  • and MUCH MORE!

Service, Repair, Maintenance and Installations

E.C. Boone Ltd. is proud to offer a wide range of services that will take your project to a whole new level.

In parallel with our manufacturing and fabrication facilities, our service crews have years of experience servicing, repairing and maintaining a vast spectrum of signs and signage systems. We have the best tools for the job, you’re in good hands with E.C. Boone Ltd.

Service Repair, Maintenance and Installations

  • L.E.D. Sign Maintenance, Service and Installation
  • Complete Exterior Sign Package Service and Installation
  • L.E.D. Digital Display Systems Service and Installation
  • Complete Interior Sign Packages Service and Installation
  • L.E.D. Retrofits of Neon/Fluorescent Lit Signs
  • Fluorescent Lit Fascia Signs Service and Installation
  • Crane and Bucket Truck Services
  • And MUCH MORE!

LED Digital Display Systems

With the latest and greatest in LED display matrix technology, we provide the power of flexibility. With these full-colour high resolutions or monochrome display systems, you get to put your best foot forward with real-time messages that pack a punch both day and night.

With ever-changing technology emerges, so does the need for a company to stay relevant and current. By having the ability and complete control to display new products ads, service messages, and more in real-time speaks volumes to any company’s relevancy.

Digital signage can completely transform an arena’s underutilized space into a highly memorable fan experience and a revenue generator for any location

Interior Sign Packages and Systems

E. C. Boone Ltd. has a vast array of interior sign systems and applications to meet all your branding desires. From the simple but elegant to a flashy brow-raising design, our custom high-quality interior signage is second to none!

Using state of the art production tools, such as CNC routers, large format printers, plotters, CNC forming equipment combined with a production facility of welders, fabricators and talented craftsmen, you have a recipe for the amazing output of beautiful interior signs which complement your exterior branding.

Custom Fabricated Pylon, Gateway, Monument signs

Whether you want to make a bold statement, welcome visitors into your community, create a visual point of reference to see from afar or simply wow the public eye, then look no further. E. C. Boone Ltd. will provide the creative insight and top-quality fabrication of free-standing signs.

These signs visually capture the essence of any community culture, business or institution both day and night.

Custom Fabricated LED Channel Letters Logos (Halo-lit)

For a sleek, classy look to give you all the visual moxie you need to stand above the rest in a sea of completion, the Halo-Lit LED illuminated signage system provides the punch to get that second glance and spark the interest of the public.

Halo illumination provides an elegant touch with subtle cascades of light that leaves a bold silhouette of your letters/logo. They also feature LED technology for today’s businesses who are taking the steps to go green.

Custom Fabricated LED Channel Letters Logos (Backlit)

We fabricate a vast array of custom back lit signage for big and small clients alike. The bold, sculpted and professional look of a channel letters/logos sign system can take your business to new heights.

Using the latest in LED technology we provide full, vibrant and beautiful illumination to get you noticed. As a bonus you get to play a part in saving the environment as LED’s are extremely energy (and cost) efficient and with low to no maintenance.

Complete Sign Packages and Systems

We truly are a one-stop-shop! We manufacture and supply a multitude of completely custom signage options; illuminated letters, logos, perimeter lighting, directional signage, and more. Inside and out we have all your branding covered.

If you want the public to identify you instantly no matter your location, then consistency of branding is the way to do it.  By applying the same concepts to all locations, you create a beacon for your company to be recognized.

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